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All the titles from my album, Inima d with the fantastic folk musiciens from Bucharest and Marian Alexandru  lautar,

It was a big honor for me to record this album with Marian Alexandru and all the other top rank lautars / folk musicians, at the very studio of Electrecord In Bucharest. It is amazing how many fantastic recordings witch has been made here. And to met and collaborate with the sound engineer Vasile Sibana was also an honor. A big experience for me.

Se some photos below fram behind the scene.

Short biography from my album Inima de lautar
From behind the scenes recording in Bucharest. Her with the band
The band from my recording in Bucharest in the famous Electrecord studio. The album Inima de lautar Roar Engelberg
With the famous sound engineer Vasile Sibana at Electrecord studio in Bucharest
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